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Dear Traveler: Welcome to Pure Michigan! We’re glad you’re spending your vacation time in the four-season playground of our two spec- tacular peninsulas. On behalf of the Michigan Department of Transportation, I am pleased to present to you the first edition of our Pure Michigan Byway Driving Guide and Tour Routes. Michigan’s highways and Byways will connect you, the traveler, with our rich cultural heritage and diverse natural beauty which we call Pure Michigan. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or merely looking for a relaxing drive, let Pure Michigan Byways take you there. Safe and happy travels.


Kirk T. Steudle Director

Dear Traveler: Our roads are gateways to adventure, far more than merely a means to get from one place to another. We travel through landscapes, cities, small towns and historic places; traveling around the map but also tracing our way through time as well. The network of roads today is built upon and most often follows the same routes that Michigan’s first peoples traveled 1,000 and more years ago. Well-worn ancient trails became widened to wagon trails, which became two-way roads and then the interstate highways of today. Population centers are similar to 1,000 years ago as well. Our cities and towns grew up near the same sites that prehistoric villages occupied. Successive waves of farming, resource use, and industry use have left a tapestry of stories, expe- riences and historic structures. Self-awareness is important for our society to function well. But knowing who we are is depen- dent upon also knowing where we are. As individuals, families, communities, and nations, under- standing the richness of our place helps us be secure in knowing who we are, as we experience the unveiling future, moment by moment. The cliché that “life is a journey not a destination” can be readily experienced on one or more of the many adventures listed in this Pure Michigan Byway Driving Guide: from the richness of our shared heritage and historical events, to the excitement of celebrations, festivals, and county fairs, and to the majestic, awe-inspiring natural wonders and landscapes that inspire our imagination and peace of mind. We are all richer in spirit and better able to face the future when we are able to pause to take a slower pace, experience the journeys, and to enjoy these multiple routes and destinations.


Frank Ettawageshik Executive Director, United Tribes of Michigan





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